Disneyland Added Brand New Scents To "It's A Small World" For The Holidays!

You know it's the most wonderful time of the year when Starbucks brings back their holiday drinks and once Disneyland fully transforms into the holidays. Well, Disneyland is really spicing things up this year for the holidays by adding brand new scents to "It's A Small World." Every year, the popular attraction turns into a holiday version by celebrating all of the different holidays and traditions from around the world.

Starting tomorrow (11/8), Disneyland will have three new delightful scents for you to smell on your voyage around the world. The first scent will be during the South America scenes where you'll smell the aroma of cinnamon. Then as you make your way through the South Seas, you'll start to smell coconut as the hula girls dance. Lastly, you'll notice the scent of cherry blossom as you're going through the Asia scenes.

Valentine In The Morning

Valentine In The Morning

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