There's A Britney Spears Mural In Los Angeles For A New Pop-Up Experience!

It's no secret that Britney Spears truly is the Princess of Pop considering she's had a long career with the biggest hits! Well right now there's a mural in Los Angeles of the singer plastered on a building facing The Grove. The artist Rob Prior said,

"I wanted to do something based around the iconic music and image of Britney. I wanted to make sure that Britney was represented in a really beautiful way…. So, the best thing is to do a nice 20-foot portrait and then show her on stage. With this mural, you’ve got the essence of Britney and the iconic look of who she is as a performer."

The building is called The Zone and it will open for a limited time between January 31st and April 26th. The Zone is an interactive Britney Spears pop-up experience for fans to celebrate Britney's contributions to pop music.The pop-up will have 10 interactive room designed for each iconic period in her life, such as going to Mars to relive "Oops...I Did It Again" or taking a picture on a plane to live out your "Toxic" dreams, or maybe you want go through the Rainforest with a python on your shoulders. The whole interactive pop-up is a 60-90 minute experience.

You can buy tickets now and check out the experience below:

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