Sia Talks "Music," The Only Place She Finds Inspiration, And More!

You may know Sia from her hit songs "Chandelier," "Cheap Thrills", but now she's expanding her creativity into the movie business. Sia has been busy writing, directing, and doing the music for the film "Music," which stars Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Maddie Ziegler. The film based off of a short story she wrote in 2007 where a newly sober woman learns she’s going to be the sole guardian of her young half-sister who is on the autism spectrum. Sia checked in with Valentine in the Morning in a Zoom session to talk all about the new movie and so much more!

"My friends were like you didn't just make a regular narrative film as your first film, you made a musical where you had to do all of the music as well. Of course, because i'm obsessed with creative, I was designing all of the costumes and I had the best fun, but it was extremely exhausting. I loved direction and I like creating and I love writing with my bestie, but editing I truly hated."

They shot the film 4 years ago and it took her 3 years to get to a point where she felt like it was good enough. The movie stars Kate Hudson and Sia wanted to make sure Kate was able to expand her horizons as an actress.

"She is outstanding, I would say this is her best performance ever. You know Nicholas Cage "Adaptation" how it was this moment for him, I wanted that for Kate. She's been so typecasted, this was her Nicholas Cage "Adaptation" moment. For me, this is how I looked at her in this role and she really stepped outside of her usual. She's just been really typecasted a lot, which sucks for her and everyone gets typecast eventually and some people would even say "just stay in your lane, just make a living for the rest of your life playing the same character over and over again", but that's not enough for most actors. They're hungry for good material and an interesting place to go emotionally."

Sia really went full force when it came to her first movie truly doing EVERYTHING and it turns out Katy Perry and Beyonce were supposed to be in the film.

I tried getting both Katy and Beyonce. Katy fell out 2 days before she was supposed to shoot so then I got the script to Beyonce, but I didn't hear back in time so I had to play the role. The kids are really singing like Maddie Ziegler, Kate Hudson, and Leslie Odom Jr. they're actually singing, they're singers. Directing myself was really hard because I was like do I go all the way P. Diddy in Get Him To The Greek? and I was like yes you do. I was trying to be a bit of a jerk so I told my Producer, my best friend, my makeup artist, and everyone you'll have to help me. My Producer came over and was like 'you're coming off a bit unlikeable, is that what you're trying to do?' and I was like yes, but then I was like maybe that's not the right approach, but I think it's funny."

There's some good news for Sia fans because she actually has 2 albums banked and ready to go!

"I like writing so much. I love writing so it's almost like I can't stop because I accidentally write all the time....You just never know which ones are gonna end up being what the people like. It's hit and miss so I guess for me it's all about productivity. The more I put out, the more likely I am to get a hit so I just put out loads and loads of music and you guys don't notice when it's crap. It just slides right past you."

What really caught us off guard was the one place Sia must go in order to find inspiration. Inspiration always comes to her when she's peeing.

"It's my most special place. Whenever I can't think of the last sentence of a song, I just go i'll be right back, I go pee and I get it always. I go pee and I come back and I finish it. I drink a lot of water and maybe that's part of the magic whether I have water or a toilet around."

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