This TikTok Hack Shows How To Stop Plastic Wrap From Sticking To Itself!

We've all been there where you're just trying to put away some leftovers and you have to wrap it up with plastic wrap. Then the real problem begins when you take out a piece of the plastic wrap, it all gets stuck together and you just end up throwing it out and starting over? Well, apparently there's a hack to make sure this won't happen and all you have to do is put it in the freezer. TikTok user @OfficialTikTokNurse posted a video explaining that her aunt was over and saw her struggling to wrap her food up and told her, "You know Saran Wrap is supposed to go in the freezer right?" WHAT?!?! She ended up putting the plastic wrap box in the freezer overnight and when she went to use it the next day it was super easy for her to work with instead of it all getting stuck together. It did stick just a little bit in the TikTok, but when it was cold it was easier to peel apart.

You can see how it works in the TikTok below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images