You Can Order A Duncan Hines Holiday Baking Kit Straight To Your Door!

The holidays are meant to spent time with loved ones and of course eat all of the holiday treats your heart desires. Well, Duncan Hines wants to jump start your baking this holiday season because you buy a kit off of Amazon right now that everything you need to make festive treats. Over the past few months, Duncan Hines has been selling kits like this to help us through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic including the most recent the Halloween kit. Well the latest addition to the baking kit lineup is the holiday version that features chewy fudge brownie mix, classic white cake mix, snowmen candies that taste like strawberry and apple, Christmas tree gummies, crushed peppermint, and vanilla and chocolate frosting. This is perfect to do with your kids as there's so many different combinations you can make with this kit. You can get this holiday baking kit delivered straight to your door for $29.95 and if you order it right now, it will ship in three-to-four days. The only question is do you plan on baking the cake or brownie first?

Photo Credit: Getty Images