Chris Martin Of Coldplay Talks New Music, Possible BTS Collab, And More!

Coldplay is back with a new song called 'Higher Power' and it's the first song since their 2019 album “Everyday Life.” 'Higher Power' was teased on billboards around the world in an alien language called “Kaotican” and was revealed on a website called ‘’ Lead singer Chris Martin talked to Valentine in the Morning all about new music, a possible collaboration with BTS, and so much more!

When it comes to 'Higher Power,' Chris didn't really know where the concept came from but just went with it.

"I don't really know where songs come from, but 'Higher Power' just dropped out of the sky one day. We've been imagining for the last couple of years what bands and artists might sound like in another galaxy and this is the first song from that. The galaxy wouldn't be listening to our music exactly, we'd still be Coldplay of course, but we've sort of abandoned any of our old rules. It's like when Prince became the artist formerly known as Prince, but his music sounded Prince-y. It's similar, but we haven't changed our look and the music still sounds like Coldplay. We worked with Max Martin and we've been waiting to work together and he's sort of joined the band at the moment. It's like having audio dreams possible at once. I think we're a bit older and we've been doing it a while that there's this sense of real freedom and not really minding if anyone likes it or if it's popular or anything so that's very liberating."

One rumor that has been circulating is a possible collaboration between Coldplay and BTS. BTS has made it clear in the past that they are huge Coldplay fans, but the BTS ARMY did some investigative work of their own and think the two groups could possibly be working together. This rumor came about when Chris Martin was spotted at Incheon Airport in South Korea and since BTS is set to debut a new album in May, it may have been possible that Chris was in town to work with BTS. Well, Valentine in the Morning wanted to get to the bottom of this so we asked Chris about it and he was being extra slick trying to dodge the question.

"I think there's a glitch...something about our career...our career is going south?"

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