Driscoll's Brings Back Rosé Strawberries And Raspberries For Summer!

When the weather starts warming up, you just know it's the perfect time for a glass of rosé. Well to go along with a chilled glass, Driscoll's just brought back its popular limited edition rosé strawberries and raspberries. While the berries don't actually contain rosé wine or any type of alcohol, the strawberries were curated to mimic rosé’s distinct peach flavor, while also boasting a floral finish. The rosé raspberries were created by a combination of red and golden raspberries. When these berries first launched in summer 2019, they were instantly a hit, but many people were concerned that they were unripe due to its light color. According to Driscoll's FAQ section,

"These berries are naturally a lighter color, and they turn a beautiful shade of blushing pink in the sunshine. For a more scientific explanation, there’s a natural mutation that occurs in these berries that removes the presence of anthocyanin, the flavonoid compound that gives berries their color. The absence of anthocyanin makes our Rosé Berries naturally lighter in color and naturally brighter in flavor."

You can see where you can pick up rosé berries by checking out the full list of stores here! They've been spotted at large grocery store chains already! Keep in mind that if you want to try this, the berries are only in season through September.

Have you tried Rosé strawberries and raspberries?

Photo Credit: Driscoll's

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