McDonald's Is The Latest Company To Be Hit By A Data Breach!

McDonald's is the latest company to be hit by a data breach that has lead to the exposure of private information of customers and employees in South Korea, Taiwan, and in the U.S. The fast food chain issued a statement saying that an investigation revealed a "small number of files were accessed," some of which had personal data. McDonald's is currently contacting affected customers and regulators in South Korea and Taiwan, but they said that payment information wasn't accessed.

According The Wall Street Journal, The McDonald's data breach in the United States only included restaurant information, such as square footage, but not "sensitive or personal" customer or employee data. A spokesperson told CNN Business that their cybersecurity measures were able to find this breach.

"These tools allowed us to quickly identify and contain recent unauthorized activity on our network. A thorough investigation was conducted, and we worked with experienced third parties to support this investigation."

McDonald's is using the findings from this investigation to further improve its security measures.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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