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Valentine's Day? Haters CLICK HERE!

Valentine's Day? Haters CLICK HERE!
Posted February 13th, 2013 @ 2:01pm

haaaaaaa arg!! its HERE ;0 DREADED VALENTINES DAY!! So I've created some space for my fellow haters who are NOT A FAN...even when I was in a great relationship...we OVER planned it and fed right into the hype...ended up going to an expensive, overrated restaurant, spent WAY too much $$$ on crappy service, 'ok' food at a place that was PACKED and then got in a fight over it! Seacrest would send me flowers when we worked together...cause he knew it would make me hate V Day a 'little' less...I once had an ex who sent those AWFUL flowers in a box?! Ummm if you LOVE someone or even LIKE dont send them flowers in a box that they have to ASSEMBLE THEMSELVES...mine died the next day haaaa...


Here's my movie suggestions to REALLY get into the Valentine's spirit...

How bout THE BREAK UP...?


Or maybe The War of Roses...?


Double Jeopardy?


And how bout some music selections to help you unload some rage...

Alanis Morissette...

Joan Jett...


Cee Lo...

OH...and this DEFINATELY helps too...I mean incase you get thirsty...a little 'TOAST' to love never hurts right?? (well, not until the next day atleast haaa ouch) ;0

OH and when all else fails and you WANT to go out and be around other haters...look at this AWESOME party we are having at the bar I invested in...GENIUS!

 Shred Your Ex Valentine's Day Party






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