Poll: MY Music Challenge: Calvin Harris vs. Katy Perry

Voting ends at 9pm on 4/17. Until then, keep voting!  

Hall of Fame

Congrats to Daughtry! He won again last night, making it his fifth win, giving them a spot in the MY Music Challenge Hall of Fame!  

Champion: Calvin Harris 'Summer'

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has worked with some of the biggest pop stars and is responsible for some of the biggest dance songs. The pop stars he's worked with include Rihanna, Kelis, Florence and the Machine, Ne-Yo, and Ellie Goulding. His song 'Summer' is the first single from his upcoming fourth studio album. 

Challenger: Katy Perry 'Birthday'

Katy Perry had a break out hit with her song "I Kissed A Girl," but it was her second album, Teenage Dreams, that propelled her into a worldwide popstar. Five singles from the album hit the top of the charts, a feat only replicated by Micheal Jackson's Bad album. 

Vote for your favorite and come back tomorrow to see who will be crowned the CHAMPION and who will be challenging them for the title!