Poll: MY Music Challenge: Us The Duo vs. Tegan and Sara

Voting ends at 9pm on 6/5. Until then, keep voting!

Champion: Us The Duo - 'No Matter Where You Are'

Us The duo are married couple Carissa and Michael, and they just celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary. They performed the song "No Matter Where You Are" for the first time at their wedding, and released it a three weeks ago. The video went viral and has nearly 1.5 million views already.

Challenger: Tegan and Sara 'I Was A Fool'

Tegan and Sara are identical twins from Canada and have been playing and writing songs together since the age of 15. They've released eight albums, and have performed their songs on "The L Word" and "90210." In 2000, they toured with Neil Young and The Pretenders, and with Katy Perry and fun. in 2013.  

Vote for your favorite and come back tomorrow to see who will be crowned the CHAMPION and who will be challenging them for the title!