photo credit: YouTube

On "I Really Want It Right Now" A Great Big World showcase their depth and musical breadth. In "Say Something" we heard the raw emotions and were moved by the song's love story whereas in "I Really Want It Right Now" we see the lighter and playful side of love. The song is very theatrical, upbeat and all around fun, if not a little bit cheeky. The song also allows Chad to soar on the vocals, which we didn't hear on "Say Something."

Their debut album, Is Anybody Out There? is scheduled to be released on the 19th of January, and promises to be a brilliant debut album that hits both playful and serious notes. 

Watch A Great Big World's Interview with Valentine In The Morning here, and also check out their incredible MYstage performance of "Say Something," "Everyone is Gay," "Rockstar" and "This Is The New Year."