So um yeah...

Last night's episode was kinda Amazing!!


But to sum it all up for you here's what we found out in the Spring Finale:


- Spencer did NOT kill Alison! (I was really worried about this for a while so now I have peace of mind)

- Ezra def isn't A and I believe actually is in love with Aria. (So sad he might be dead now)

- Alison's mom KNOWS who killed Alison but has been covering it up this entire time (for some reason we don't know.)

- Alison's mom saw who smashed Ali in the head with a rock..

- We still have NO CLUE who A is... but we do know A can jump from high buildings...

- I think A could now possibly be Alison's brother?! (I'm running out of people to guess at this point)

- Mona is still super sketch...

-The summer premiere is June 10th!


PS: I really hope Ezra doesn't die... I actually had tears in my eyes last night at the end... #bringEzraback