You'll soon be able to thank you Starbucks barista with a tip on the Starbucks App!

The update is set to roll out on Wednesday the 19th. So if your local barista has a little extra pep in their step next week, you'll know why. Though, it might also be caffeine! 

After you pay for your drink, a screen on the app will kindly ask you if you want to add a tip to your payment. The suggested tip ranges from just .50 cents to two dollars. According to Engadget, you can actually adjust the tip up to two hours after your purchase, in case you aren't fully satisfied! 

Starbucks is also said to be testing another new feature on their app - pre-ordering your drink! There's no word on how this feature will work or when it will be released.

As a regular coffee drinker (ok, I have cups of coffee all day everyday! no judging!), I rely on my Starbucks App to pay for coffee and almost never carry cash, and therefore rarely leave a tip. So I appreciate this update. And I'm sure the baristas also appreciate it! 

What do you think of the update and how much do you tip when you buy coffee?