Valentine In The Morning

Valentine In The Morning


Tune in to Valentine in the Morning every weekday morning from 5am to 10am!

Join us for lots of fun, great music, and celeb interviews! Play Battle Of the Sexes every weekday at 7:10a and again at 8:10a!

Valentine is the host of Valentine in the Morning and signs his emails "Colin's Daddy, Leilani's Husband, Red Sox Fan". He has worked in radio since he was 15, starting at a little station in Connecticut.

The little known facts category about Valentine include: former police officer, USO Entertainer (with over ten overseas tours), comedian, arachnophobia-sufferer, and a man's man (he wrote that last part).

Valentine is a winner of the ABC Radio Personality of the Year, RMA Personality of the Year, and Radio and Records Personality of the Year Nominee. Valentine's most important attribute on air is his desire to be open with his listeners and to share his real life, thereby allowing the listener to share theirs as well.


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Jillian Escoto is the pop culture princess of Valentine in the Morning. Jill is born and raised in Southern California and spends most of her time keeping up with reality TV and celebrities - so you don't have to. After a few years of dating disasters, Jill is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Ryan (who just so happens to be Kevin's brother). Jill has worked with Valentine for over 11 years.


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Kevin, a Chicago native, sat in on the show one day & just never left. While he has hosted television shows on MTV, NBC & Lifetime... he's probably best known for creating the game "Pig in the Hole." He starts every day with a tall glass of Bloody Mary mix & he wears 2 pairs of socks at all times. 


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