Last time we checked, Bradley Cooper was dating model Suki Waterhouse. But now, the rumor is he is dating a newly single Rachel McAdams (you know her from The Notebook and Wedding Crashers). The two of them were seen at brunch in Santa Monica. A witness said they were there for over 2 hours, flirting and laughing. He seemed very into her and Rachel put her hand on his back and he put his on her shoulder. It definitely seemed like they were a couple.

According to reports, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are being eyed to play the roles made famous by Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando in FOX’s remake of Guys and Dolls. It’s in the very early stages. The movie doesn’t even have a director or screenwriter yet, but Channing and Joseph are interested in joining the musical.

Justin Bieber's tour bus was raided by Swedish police last ngiht who allegedly found marijuana on board. TMZ says police reportedly boarded the bus in Stockholm as the bus pulled up at the arena where Bieber was performing. They first detected a "strong smell" of marijuana coming from the bus. They also found a stun gun on the bus as well.

As Kate Middleton prepares to be a first-time mom, she is also dealing with some legal issues. A few months back, Kate was photographed topless while relaxing at a private residence with her husband, Prince William. She is finally moving forward and getting some justice though! Both the publisher of the magazine and the photographer have been charged with “invasion of privacy.”

Beyoncé has laid some new ground rules for her Mrs. Carter Show world tour. After her Super Bowl performance, a lot of less-than-flattering photos of her hit the internet. Well Beyoncé and her team have banned press photographers from her tour and she will only have her own photographer taking pictures of her. This way, Beyoncé can be in control of which photos of her can hit the Internet and which can’t.

A new report says Jennifer Love Hewitt might join The X Factor Season 3 judging panel. Since Britney Spears and L.A. Reid left, there are two spots open at the table and Simon is very interested in her. You might be thinking… Really? JLH? She does have a singing background. Her single "BareNaked" made the charts in 2002  and she sings on a promo for her show “Client List”. Other rumors are Reba McEntire or Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child.