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Our very own "Hey Jimmie" wrote a book!!

He surprised us this morning by telling the show that he published a book under the name "Donna Tellum."

It's called "Heart of the Assassin" 

CLICK HERE for more information or to buy a copy for yourself!

You can also purchase the book at FLINTRIDGE BOOKSTORE AND COFFEEHOUSE in La Canada!


This if Jimmie’s first book, but it is not the first thing he has ever written.  It all started way back in the day.  At about 10 years of age he started to write Christmas cards.  No the greetings part, the Dear “so and so family” part at the top of the card.  As the years passed by, he wrote advertising copy for magazine and newspaper ads.  That progressed into writing radio spots.  Finally came the scripts.  These scripts floated around for years—some are still floating—but none has been made into a block-buster film as yet.  When the idea for Heart of the Assassin wormed its way into his head, it was suggested that it be written as a novel. Everyone is writing e-books these days so why not do the same. He and another writer put their heads together, and after nearly getting a concussion from the impact, Heart of the Assassin was born.  The rest is history.  A small microsecond of history, but history none the less.  The e-book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so check it out.