How To Help Syrian Refugees

Kevin Manno donated to help Syrian refugees, as a part of Valentine In The Morning's do something nice social experiment. More than 2 million Syrians have fled their country, according to the United Nations.

Here are some ways you can help too.

Doctors Without Borders is providing direct medical aid in six hospitals and four health centers inside Syria.

World Vision is helping in Lebanon with projects to give refugees access to clean water and sanitation. 

Catholic Relief Services is providing aid throughout the region.

CARE is operating four refugee centers in Jordan, and is helping refugees there with cash assistance for rent and food.

Concern Worldwide is working to meet the water, sanitation and hygiene needs for refugees in Lebanon and for many still in Syria.

In August, the World Food Programme provided food to more than 2 million people inside Syria. 

Islamic Relief USA is providing food parcels, housing essentials and medical supplies for those displaced inside Syria and the refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

UNICEF is providing food, water, clothing and critical immunizations for children in Syria and the refugees in the bordering countries.

CLICK HERE for more orgnaizations you can volunteer for or donate to, to help.

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