Strangers Help 73-Year-Old Finish Half-Marathon

73-year-old John Wilkie was so close to crossing the finish line at the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Tempe, Arizona until something terrible happened. Wilkie's foot got caught on the front wheel of a jogger stroller just 50 yards before the finish line, causing him to fall hard. 

John injured his knee, shoulder, and his head, leaving him with gash on his forehead.

 Bystanders quickly jumped into action to help John to his feet and finish the race.

"These two guys just fell out the sky like angels," Wilkie recalled. 

Wilkie received five stitches and had a CAT scan. However, John is doing much better now and intends to find the phone numbers of the two guys who helped him so he can personally thank them for their kindness in helping him.

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