MYLA 2/12/2017 Nair & Bjorn Jewelry Benefiting Animal Rescues

The Nair & Bjorn Story

When animal-lover and designer Kimberly Spector rescued her dog Mowgli from the street, she never dreamed it would lead her to saving other animals and gifting celebrities at Hollywood’s most prominent awards gift lounges. Inspired by Mowgli, Spector launched her handmade accessory business, Nair & Bjorn, by combining two of her passions – creating elegant and contemporary jewelry, and helping rescue animals.

Giving Back to Animal Rescue

What began as an outlet to be creative, one of Spector’s passions has also helped to give back to one of her other passions––helping rescue animals. She is extremely devoted to this cause, helping rescue animals “one accessory at a time” by donating 20% of sales to no-kill shelters and animal charities.

Fueled by her passion to help rescue animals and support “Adopt Don’t Shop,” Spector donates to several no-kill rescues and has created a complete line called RescueWear which includes creative designs that highlight the love of different breeds and promotes animal adoption and awareness.

Thank you to my guest Kimberly Spector...see the jewelry & find out more here:

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