Little Boy “Put Money On” His Mom’s Card Literally

Due to some difficult circumstances, one mom and dad were struggling making ends meet. When they were discussing their finances, though they didn’t know it at the time, their 4-year old son was taking note of this conversation in another room.

The next week, the mom made a comment to her husband about her exhausting day and could really use a coffee. Her husband reminded her that coffee isn’t in their budget and they can’t just put money on their Starbucks card. Her son, who likes playing with old gift cards asked if he could see her Starbucks card.

About a minute later, this exchange happened

“Here mommy.”

“What is it, honey?”

“This is for you. I put dollars on your coffee card for you.”

When the mom turned around, she saw that a $5 bill he was saving was neatly wrapped around her Starbucks card. Her son put $5 ON her card literal, in order to buy his mom a coffee.

This little one has a heart of gold.

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