This Couple Had The BEST Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding is a pretty difficult task or any wedding for that matter. 

How about planning a wedding in the MIDDLE of the Caribbean Sea?! YUP, you heard that right literally in the water!

Bride Susana has always loved the water considering she's a scuba diver. When her and her husband presented the idea to the wedding planner, they were told it's too complicated.

Luckily, the wedding photographers encouraged them to continue with their idea.

The couple along with their 100 guests went to Cozumel, Mexico where they took two boats and a catamaran to the El Cielo sandbar.

A team of eight photographers pulled out all the stunts for this wedding - drones to capture aerial shots, three underwater cameras, and of course two "dry cameras."

The bride is a real life mermaid!

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