New Fragrance Smells Like Kitten Fur

For all you cat lovers, if you've ever wanted to smell like a kitten, now's your chance.

If you love burying your head in your cat's fur, this is something Demeter Fragrance Library totally gets. As their latest and probably the oddest addition, the company is now selling a "Kitten Fur" fragrance.

You can purchase "Kitten Fur" in a variety of forms including cologne, body lotion, shower gel, massage and body oil, and atmosphere spray. 

So basically, there's something for everyone.

If you're not sure you want to commit to the scent, you can purchase the sampler for $3, but if you're really feeling bold you can get a 4 ounce cologne spray for $39.50.

For those who were wondering, no kittens were harmed to create this fragrance.

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