AJR Talks Street Performances & Meeting Sia on the MyFM Balcony (WATCH)

Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met are three brothers from New York who have been making music together since they were kids. The trio have been hard at work producing their promoting their music for about eight years now, and as Ryan Met said, "I guess the lesson is: don't give up. We did it for eight years before we had any kind of success. The hardest thing to do is to not give up and not get discouraged after that much rejection. We stuck through it, and I'm happy we did." 

Ten years ago, the group was busking around the streets of New York City as street performers just singing to people. From that, they earned enough money to buy a ukelele and a ProTools set up that they first started using to produce music. 

Kevin Manno asked about the story behind the track "Come Hang Out" on their new EP, "What Everyone's Thinking". Jack Met explained that life was super busy and exhausting, but still worthwhile. He continued "I was looking through my texts from my friends and probably the most common phrase from them is 'come hang out', and always my response was 'I can't I have to catch a flight tomorrow' or 'I have to go do a performance'." He said despite their catchiness,  a lot of the lyrics were true, just like "I skipped on prom for Elvis Duran in the morning".

Kevin Manno also got the brothers to talk about their interactive performances, touring with Demi Lovato and Hoodie Allen, being friends with a lot of homeless people! Watch the interview below for all the details! 

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