This High School Uses A Lottery System To Assign Prom Dates

Prom season is coming up and we all know how stressful this can be!

I mean guys have to muster up the courage to ask someone and figure out how to be creative, while girls are stressing out if they are getting asked or not and what kind of dress to buy!

Well Aquin High School in Illinois is taking the pressure off and instead leaving it all up to chance with a lottery system.

YUP, that's right!

Aqua High School has used this lottery system to decide who goes with who to prom since 1926 and it has become a fun and quirky tradition!

Junior and senior boys are assigned their dates at random by drawing names in the school library, while the girls wait in the school gym.

The boys then perform a skit for the girls before revealing who they'll be going with.

We love this creative idea! It doesn't leave anyone out!

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