Hilary Duff Talks About The AWKWARD Disney Wand-Waving Commercials

Remember when the footage of all the old-school Disney stars filming their magic Mickey Mouse silhouette commercials got leaked? 

And it basically ruined your childhood because growing up all you ever wanted to do was have the magic wand and say "Hi i'm _____ and you're watching Disney Channel."

I mean how could something that was so pure and amazing on TV actually turn out to be so painful to watch.

Well it turns out we weren't the only one's who thought it was cringe worthy.

Hilary Duff recently opened up in an interview about the filming process of the wand-waving commercial.

And Yes, it was AWKWARD!

"You know they put in all the animation in later so you're just having to imagine it's real," she explained of the filming process. "And you do it hundred times and a million different ways. And all of us were like kids working adult hours so I'm sure we were kind of fed up. They're like "And be happy!" and you're like, "Hey, it's the Disney Channel!"

Check out the interview below:

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