There's Now A Tinder-like App for Baby Names!

Aside from all of the pregnancy related challenges, one of the toughest parts of expecting a baby is often agreeing with your partner on the perfect baby name!

I mean remember the 'Friends' episode when Ross and Rachel couldn't decide on a baby name?!

Well, there's good news from you because there's a new app that helps you find the perfect name.

The app is called Babyname.

The way it works is you and your partner both download the app, swipe right if you love a name and swipe left if you don't like it.

It's that easy!

When you both end up agreeing on a name, it will show that "it's a match."

 It's kind of like Tinder.

Also, the app will save a list of all of the baby names you do like!

This seems so cool, would you try this out?!

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