Robert Pattinson Is Open To A Twilight Reboot

There's a sequel to the movie "Labyrinth" in the works. The original came out in the 80’s with Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie. The Hollywood Reporter says the sequel will be a continuation of the story, but the Goblin King isn't in it. No word yet if any of the other actors from the original will return.

Rihanna, Chris Martin and Taylor Swift have all been key advisors on The Voice – and this season, it was just announced Shania Twain will mentor the contestants. She’ll start April 24th!

Chris Kattan was the first contestant to be voted off Dancing With the Stars this season and he told Entertainment Tonight the show is unfair because he can’t move like Simone Biles. He said: “There is an unfairness to the fact that when you have someone like Simone Biles. I’m not as good of a dancer.” He thinks the judges should “acknowledge the fact that this person doesn’t have experience and this person does and give them the benefit of the doubt.”

Robert Pattinson did an interview with Yahoo! Movies and said he isn’t opposed to the idea of a Twilight reboot. He said he’s always kind of curious when it comes to playing Edward Cullen. Robert said: “Anything where there’s a mass audience… I always like the idea of subverting people’s expectations.” 

- Jill with your Hot Hollywood Gossip

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