This Trick Will Keep Your Cat In One Place!

If you have a cat, you'll know it's pretty much impossible to really make them do anything. 

I mean cats are independent animals who love doing their own thing.

But wouldn't it be amazing if you could actually get your cat to sit in one specific spot?

People have recently discovered that you can do this with one simple trick.

All you have to do is put a square on the floor and your cat will get into it.

When a Twitter user posted the trick that her mom decided to try on their cat, the internet went crazy!

Since then, people have been trying this and had great success!

And of course, cats will be cats and sometimes there aren't successes

Some are saying, the reason cats do this is because they identify the square as a new area to explore.

Just a heads up, once they're in their special square, they can get a bit territorial!

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