Dr. Pepper Made One College Student's Dream Come True

When Kansas State University Student Clair Daniels tweeted back in December how she wish she had a Dr. Pepper fountain, the soda company decided to take her up on her offer. 

Five months later, Dr. Pepper showed up on her doorstep to install a 6-foot-tall maroon colored Dr. Pepper fountain in her front yard.

The fountain is capable of holding 5 gallons of Dr. Pepper.

Unfortunately, Claire won't be able to drink from the decorative Dr. Pepper fountain, since the soda had to be watered down in order to work.

On the plus side, Dr. Pepper provided her with 1,200 cans for her drinking pleasure.

Lyndsay Loomer, associate brand manager of Dr. Pepper marketing, said the fountain was built from scratch for a promotional video featuring Daniels after the marketing team noticed her tweet.

Dr. Pepper said other people may receive similar surprises based on tweets about the brand as part of a marketing campaign.

Who knew one tweet could turn into a dream come true!

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