IKEA Might Open Standalone Restaurants

If you've ever been to IKEA, chances are you weren't there just for the furniture and the opportunity to go home later and sob as you try to put the dang furniture together. 

You were there for the meatballs!

Well Fast Company reports they may try some Ikea stand-alone restaurants in the future. 

Ikea has previously opened dining pop-ups in London, Paris, and Oslo, and this would just be an extension of the meatballs, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, and stuffed chicken breasts people love to eat.

IKEA released a statement saying, “IKEA Food is continuously thinking of how to meet the growing interest in food among consumers and find ways to meet them where they are. While we have experimented with new ways of enjoying IKEA food – including through pick-up points and pop up restaurant events in London, Paris and Toronto - no decisions on standalone restaurants have been made at this time.”

Even though a decision hasn't been made yet, we really hope they do!

Meatballs for everyone!

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