This College Student Is Throwing A 'Graduwedding'

Imagine a huge graduation party that's basically as EXTRA as a wedding. That's a 'Graduwedding.' 

It's the union of two souls, well in this case Angie Hamouie and her Medical Degree (MD).

Angie graduates from med school next month and all of her closest friends and family will celebrate is if she were getting married.

Well she is...kind of. 

The festivities will be very similar to a traditional wedding ceremony, she'll walk in with her framed degree by her side.

Her and her diploma will have a first dance and sit together at the front of the room.

After all the dancing, she'll even toss a bouquet, but the person who catches it won't be next to get married, they'll be next to graduate!

Angie even has a legit "graduwedding" website explaining the full extent of the upcoming festivities.

The site includes "the enmatchement" photos, details of the evening, as well as, a registry — instead of gifts! 

This is such a cool idea, can we get an invite?!

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