Tyra Banks Confirms "Life Size 2" Is On The Way!

Remember Disney's Movie Life Size starring both Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan?!

Well it's been 17 years since Tyra first starred as Eve, the doll who came to life and there's finally GREAT NEWS!

Freeform has announced that Life-Size 2 is HAPPENING!

The original movie featured Lindsay as Casey, the girl who brought Eve to life. 

At the end of the 2000 movie, Eve decided to undo the spell and return to doll form.

This brings us to Life-Size 2 which, will follow a "grown up" Eve as she helps a young woman learn to live and love again.

Eve will also experience some ups and downs of real life again with a Christmas twist. 

Life-Size 2 will premiere December 2018 on Freeform. 

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