Soon You'll Be Able To Use Instagram Offline

Being some place with no wifi and having barely any service is ABSOLUTELY the worst!

I mean you can't text, or call, or scroll through Instagram.

Well, that's all about to change, because you will soon be able to use Instagram offline.

Yup,that's right...OFFLINE!

Instagram's new update will allow you to use the app even when you're in a place with no wifi and can be used WITHOUT data.

Instagram announced the news at F8 (a conference held by Facebook) and added that they've built support on the app that lets most of their features run without internet service.

An Instagram engineer revealed that you'll be able to view previously-loaded versions of the "Explore" tab, in addition to old profiles and content you've loaded before.

Then your actions will process once there's service again.

But there is some bad news… the update will only be available on Android phones for now...

I guess us iPhone users will just have to wait!

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