This Wedding Dress Cake Looks So REAL!

We've seen some pretty extravagant wedding cakes over the years, but when it comes to the most beautiful one we've ever seen, this dress-inspired design takes the cake (get it?).

It was baked by Emma Jayne Cake Design and inspired by a couture gown by designer Mak Tumang.

Here's the real dress in all its glory.

It's stunning, to say the least, as well as super detailed, which is just another reason why Jayne's cake and icing version is so impressive!

Now here's the cake version of the dress!

Can you tell the difference between the real dress and the cake version of it?!

It's no wonder Jayne's cake was the centerpiece at the Cake International competition in London. 

This year's theme was "Wedding Gowns Through the Ages," 

If we were the judges, we'd give Jayne a perfect score!

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