Dr. Oz Has Valentine Take The "Sugar Addict" Quiz!

Dr. Oz stopped by the Valentine In The Morning studio!

He brought along a quiz that shows you what type of "sugar addict" you are. Valentine took the quiz and Dr. Oz examined his results AND his medical records! (Someone needs more Vitamin D!)

Take the QUIZ below to find out your results!


Oz developed a quiz to determine what kind of sugar addict you are:

Question 1: You just polished off a yummy cupcake for a mid-afternoon snack.  Do you feel:

A. Comforted

B. A burst of energy

C. Completely normal

Question 2: You experience your stronger cravings when:

A. You’ve had an emotional day

B. During the afternoon lull

C. Right after you’ve finished a meal

Question 3: What’s your go-to indulgence?

A. Ice cream, cake, and other sweets

B. A large mochaccino with extra whip

C. A big bowl of spaghetti

Question 4: Where are you most likely to eat your snacks?

A. On your couch or in your bed

B. On the go

C. At your kitchen table


People who answered mostly A’s are stressed out sugar addicts.  They eat sugary snacks because they need to be comforted. 

People who answered mostly B’s are energy-seeking addicts.  They like to get their energy now, but will pay for it later.

People who answered mostly C’s are autopilot addicts.  They don’t even think about eating the sugar because they are creatures of habit.

Not only did Dr. Oz bring his sugar quiz... he brought his new Daytime Emmy! Congrats Dr. Oz Show

The Dr. Oz Show airs weekday afternoons at 1 p.m. on FOX 11.

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