McDonald's Is Bringing Back The Rolo McFlurry!

After announcing McDelivery yesterday, McDonald's is reintroducing a McFlurry you're going to want McDelivered stat.

The Rolo McFlurry, which made a limited-time debut in 2011 and now that it's back the Internet is VERY EXCITED about it's return

In addition to bringing back the McFlurry, the company has officially made its frozen desserts preservative-free.

In a press release, McDonald's says its vanilla soft serve, McCafé Shakes, and McFlurry desserts are no longer made with artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The initiative to go preservative-free began last fall with vanilla soft serve, and the company says the process of switching over is complete in nearly all restaurants across the country.

Darci Forrest, McDonald's director of menu innovation, said the company wants to serve delicious foods customers can feel good about, adding that going preservative-free makes the ice cream treats "more enjoyable during the hot summer months."

You can get your hands on the Rolo McFlurry for a limited time from May 24 to Sept. 11.

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