People Are Laughing At This Woman's Fail When She Tried To Buy A Chair On Amazon

Blaque is a 25-year-old living in Virginia and about a year ago, she moved into her first apartment by herself.

She has been decorating her place, she has gotten almost all her decor on Amazon.

Well recently, Blaque was shopping for a desk and adding a bunch of things to her cart. 

So, when a cute "ghost chair" popped up as an "add-on item," she decided to buy it too.

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She told Buzzfeed, "So me being the person I am, I just clicked it, didn't read not one review or even the description for that matter."

She continued, "I spent so much that day, so I thought I really got a deal it was only $5 and it was an 'add-on and Amazon is known for great deal."

However, when Blaque got the chair in real life, she realized she had made a big, and hilarious, mistake. 

In fact this exact situation also happened to someone else!

However, most people just thought it was hilarious.

As for Blaque, she ended up keeping the chair and is just using it as a desk decoration.

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