This Mom Accidentally Texts Her Son A Polite Road Rage Rant

Talking trash to other drivers from the comfort and safety of your own vehicle is probably something we all have in common.

Well Gerald Austin Taylor was texting with his mom recently when he received a pretty strange text. 

Just like any good and responsible driver, Kathy was texting her son using the voice-to-text feature on her phone. 

And well let's just say it picked up more than she thought.


The text read, "Oh honey I know you are not fixing to get over in my lane."

As you probably guessed by the politeness, Taylor's family is from the south. 

She later followed up the text with an "Oh oops," making this the ultimate mom text!

Gerald said they were talking about the leftovers they had in the fridge and she sent those messages while heading back home.

He thought it was hilarious so he screenshot the texts and tweeted it out.

Well, Twitter fell in love and even shared some of the texts they had received just like Gerald.

However, they were no where near as polite as Kathy's texts.


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