Boozy Rosé Ice Cream Now Exists!

PSA: Rosé ice cream now exists, which means that this is our go to ice cream from now on, right? Right!

I mean this news will probably change your summer.

The flavor is called Sonoma Rosé and it was created by Smitten Ice Cream, a shop that has multiple locations all over California known for it's churned-to-order scoops.

The flavor infuses its signature creamy base with Scribe Winery's canned rosé, Una Lou Rosé.

The canned wine is made from pinot noir grapes and has flavor notes of grapefruit and strawberries. 

 If you don't live in California, the ice cream is being shipped nationally through Goldbely, a website that ships food from local shops nationwide. 

You do have to order five pints at a time though making it cost $109. 

Think of it as buying 5 bottles of rosé.

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