A New Food Item Has Joined Costco's Menu

Everyone who loves Costco knows the two best things about Costco is the free samples and the food court! 

I mean getting a hotdog and soda for about $1.50 and let's not forget about their pizza and chicken bakes!

What's not to love?!  

Well now, Costco will be adding a new member to the menu... a third-pound cheeseburger.

The burger consists of an organic patty with lettuce, tomato, smoked Thousand Island dressing, and cheddar cheese. 

The bun is a sweet "Chicago-style" bun, similar to challah bread. 

People are saying the burger is very similar to those of Shake Shack.

Before you head over to your nearest Costco, it must be said that these burgers have only been sold in Seattle locations at the moment and a few different stores in California (Pacoima, Corona and Lakewood).

So if you're near any of those stores be sure to get one!

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