This Man Found A Heartwarming Note On His Car

When you find a handwritten note on your car, you normally always assume the worst.

Reddit user Doc_Toboggan discovered a note on his vehicle recently and automatically prepared for the worst.

Lucky for him, he was  relieved to find out that nobody hit his car and instead, he found out his car ended up making a little kid's day.

The note, left by one of his neighbors, describes an adorable scene. 

His neighbor's son had recently discovered Transformers and thought his bright blue Dodge Challenger was a robot, and not just a normal car.

The note read:

My son just started watching Transformers a few weeks ago. He is almost 4yrs old and may or may not have slapped your car a few times to try and wake him up (sorry). We took a few pictures of him with your car, you honestly made his day (and possibly skewed his perception of reality for the next decade.)

In the comments, the Reddit user wrote that his car has an Autobot emblem on side so we can't really blame the 4-year-old for thinking his car was actually a Transformer.

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