It's A Small World After All!

Next time your family takes a trip to Disney, it's time to look beyond the castle and discover some hidden Disney magic!

One thing you can look for next time you go are the hidden Mickey's placed throughout the park. So keep an eye out for  the three-circle Mickey silhouette.

In the Disney Food Blog, you can find different restaurants that have secret menus... but they will only bring them to you if you ask for them! 

The Cove Bar at Disneyland even has a secret drink menu.. who wouldn't want to try some Neverland Tea?!

If you're really a Disney lover and don't mind spending a little extra cash you can book several private tours.

But... if you don't feel like spending extra cash Disney offers a whole bunch of freebies. Birthday? Anniversary? Let an employee know and you'll get a free button!

 If you're coming with children and head on over to Animation Academy at California Adventure, you and your family can take a 15- animation class for free!

There is always new Disney magic to discover!

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