5 Dodger Stadium Secrets Not Even the Biggest Fans Know

What is Los Angeles without Dodgers baseball? America's favorite pastime certainly has a home here in L.A., especially at the iconic Dodger Stadium. But do we really know the "Blue Heaven" as well as we think we do? Here are some Dodger Stadium secrets even the biggest fans don't even know about.

1. Dodger Stadium Design Was Disney-Inspired

Many people familiar with architecture may recognize that the Dodger Stadium design is very modern for the time period it was built. However, many probably don't know that the design was actually inspired by Disneyland's Tomorrowland. There are rumors that when the stadium was being built in the late 1950's, Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley was good friends with Walt Disney and very impressed by the futuristic look of the park's Tomorrowland. O'Malley met up with the stadium's chief architect Captain Emil Praeger and started plans on the dynamic design.

2. There's a Hidden Japanese Garden Behind the Parking Lot

When you need to blow off some steam because the Dodgers are losing and get some peace and tranquility, exit the stadium, head across the parking lot, and gather yourself in their hidden Japanese garden behind parking lot 6. It is rumored that sportswriter Sotaro Suzuki payed to have a garden put in after seeing how impressive the stadium was. Unfortunately, the garden is no longer functional and has a gate around it, but the original stone lanterns are still there.

3. The High-Five was Created at Dodger Stadium

If you thought the high-five was a regular congratulatory symbol dating all the way back to the age of the caveman... you would be wrong. In fact, it's a fairly recent invention if you believe what many Dodgers fans do that the high-five was actually first done at a game vs. the Houston Astros on October 2, 1977. Left fielder Dusty Baker hit a home run, and when coming home after rounding the bases, his teammate Glen “King Kong” Burke ran out and slapped hands with Baker, thus creating the very first high-five ever!

4. There is a Time Capsule Buried in the Stadium

Not many people know that there is actually a time capsule buried in the top deck of the stadium. After the team's 1959 World Series win, the Dodgers decided to bury some of the memorabilia from the historic event. In 1962, a time capsule full of World Series Dodger's gear was placed into a time capsule and buried in the wall of the Top Deck. Now, if any aliens end up invading and taking over earth, they'll have some pretty sick vintage Dodger merch to wear around. 

5. You Can Eat Lunch at the Stadium on Non-Game Days

Lunch with a view. If you want to eat lunch at the happiest place on earth for Dodgers' fans, you totally can. On days where there's no game, just simply go to the main gate and say that you're there to pick up some gear from the team's store. You will then be able to drive right up to the stadium, walk in, and choose one of the 56,000 empty seats to sit down in and enjoy your lunch. What could be more relaxing?

So there you go, Dodgers fans. You now have insider info on the infamous "Blue Heaven." And now, it's time for Dodger baseball *said in the iconic Vin Scully voice*.

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