Alice Merton Performs in MYFM's AT&T Sound Studio!

A few special 104.3 MYfm listeners were given the chance to see Alice Merton perform in our MYfm AT&T Sound Studio this week! It was an intimate and personal performance followed by an interview. 

Dave Styles hosted the event and got the inside scoop on where Merton gets lyrical inspiration from. Check out all the details!

The sound stage was packed as tons of fans came in, excited for the performance.

When Alice Merton took the stage, she performed three of her biggest songs. She opened the set with her new single "Lash Out," followed by "Hit the Ground Running" and "No Roots."

Check out a short clip of Merton performing her biggest hit!

MYfm's Dave Styles asked Merton what inspired the lyrics for "No Roots," and she explained that she moved between a lot of different countries and cities when growing up. 

"It's difficult. The more you move, the more you have to say goodbye. I've kind of looked at it differently now, I don't really ever say goodbye, I just say see you later," said Merton.

Merton and Styles also discussed the fact that "No Roots" is lyrically a sad song, but the song itself has an upbeat pace. Merton said that she made it sound like a happy song so that when she's performing it, she doesn't have to think about any sad memories related to moving often.

If you haven't seen the video, be sure to check it out!

Make sure you follow Alice Merton on social media! She can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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