George Ezra Performed Live In MYfm's AT&T Sound Studio!

Some lucky 104.3 MYfm listeners were given the chance to see George Ezra perform in our MYfm AT&T Sound Studio earlier this week! The show was hosted by Dave Styles and was incredibly intimate. Only a select number of fans got to sit up close and personal while the 24-year-old musician performed!

In the AT&T Sound Studio, George Ezra treated fans to an acoustic version of his new song "Paradise." The single comes from Ezra's latest album, Staying at Tamara's

For those who don't know, Ezra is from Hertfordshire, England. He was given the honor of having his new album reach #1 on the UK Official Charts!

The music video for "Paradise" shows Ezra performing, cheerleaders dancing, boxers fighting and more. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check it out! 

Of course Ezra couldn't leave our studio without performing his most well-known song, "Budapest." The song reached #1 in several countries after its release in 2013, and it really put Ezra on many fans' radar. "Budapest" was the song that really started it all and made him a household name!

George Ezra's latest album Staying at Tamara's is out now!

Also, make sure you keep up with him on social media. He can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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