Daughtry Performs Inside the AT&T Sound Studio

Daughtry stopped by the AT&T Sound Studio to give a private performance for some lucky 1043MYfm listeners. 

Frontman Chris Daughtry explains how their fans are the fuel to their fire when it comes to producing albums and going on tour. They reiterate to their listeners, "The fan base really keeps us alive. That’s the key ingredient to keeping a band together—that’s the gasoline". 

Daughtry accredits their successes to finding a way to incorporate the band's individualistic personalities into their music. Whether that be joking around on stage, in the studio, or trying their hand at something with a more upbeat tune. Daughtry has discovered how to integrate an element of lightheartedness to differ themselves from the stereotypical rock and roll genre music. 

The band is always finding ways to challenge themselves when it comes to their music. They recognize that the best way to produce chart-topping single is to take chances with new music. Deviating from the ordinary is one of the surefire ways artists are able to create a unique, but distinguishable sound within their music.

Make sure to keep up with the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the most recently added tour dates. Get your tickets here and see where you can catch them on their Cage to Rattle tour kicking off July 21st!

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