Monsta X was Interviewed in Our AT&T Sound Studio!

K-Pop is growing fast thanks to sensations like Monsta X who stopped by our AT&T sound studio to interview with 1043MYfm's Valentine! The band released their newest album, Piece, in April of this year, and has just wrapped up their North American dates of their world tour earlier this month. 

All seven members of this iconic boy band flew out to sunny Los Angeles to meet with some of their biggest fans - and the crowd did not disappoint! Monsta X fans filled the room quickly, as all were extremely eager to hear them talk about life on the road and what it's like touching so many lives with their music.

Watch below as Valentine talks to them about what MonBebes (what they call their fans) can expect when going to see a Monsta X show, why they think American fans are so attracted to their style and music and more. 

In addition to giving them some Los Angeles food suggestions (In N' Out is a must have), Val even puts them to the 'model' test and tasks Monsta X with showing their best pose!

One of the biggest questions fans in the room wanted to know was if Monsta X would be collaborating with any American artists while they were stateside, and the guys did confirm it would happen! Although they wouldn't give any names they let Valentine know he should expect some music in the future.

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