Monsta X Teaches Us How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Trying to learn how to take the perfect selfie? Look no further than this tutorial from Monsta X! The international Korean pop band stopped by 1043MYfm to talk about their new music and more with Kevin Manno. A few years ago when fellow KPOP group BTS was in town, they showed us their selfie taking skills. Since you can never get enough advice, Kevin wanted to see what tips the Monsta X boys had to give when trying to snap the perfect self-taken photo.

Shownu was up first and shared that having a "filter is very important." Minhyuk and I.M opted for taking a high angle, with the later noting how important it is to have "lots of confidence about your face." Wonho switched it up a bit by going for a low angle and throwing up a peace sign while Hyungwon's advice was to show "thick lips." Joohoney and Kihyun were last to go, and both showed how important it was to find the right light.

Who do YOU think took the most stellar selfie? Check out our gallery above and watch the rest of their interview below!