Starbucks Drinks That Have The Most Caffeine


photo via getty.

Don't just order any old coffee from the barista when you need your daily pick-me-up,. Delish has ranked all of the classic drinks on the Starbucks menu in order of its caffeine content.

The most caffeinated drink will come from The Blonde Roast, in a Grande size you will get 360mg of caffeine. While the Pike Place Roast has slightly less with 310mg.

The iced coffees have about half the amount of caffeine, but you can bump it up by asking for a cold brew. However, both are still below the hot varieties.

You may think espresso means more caffeine, but your wrong. Both hot and cold blonde Caffè Americanos have 255mg. Surprisingly, even decaf has a bit of caffeine with 25mg.

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